_at Sibling

Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square. 10th January 2015.

33. Sibling


Think Pink! After a long day’s ricocheting between New Oxford Street and Bloomsbury Square, the last thing anyone was prepared for was colour – or at least, such utterly single-minded colour. The shows, till then, had all been tastefully concise on that point; a splash of blue, a hint of yellow, a neat jolt of red. But from the instant The Runaways’ ‘Cherry Bomb’ exploded through Victoria House’s low basement catwalk space, and the first model swerved onto the runway in – pink trousers, pink-striped school blazer, pink gloves and shoes, clutching a giant, floppily-knitted pink teddy bear, there was only one way for the collection to go. It was a riot – the label’s usual parade of buff boys with bubblegum quiffs and impossible eight-packs, their dapper Sebastian Flyte tailoring swamped in pink latex, goat-hair and wool. It was punk dipped in candy-floss. And it was the happiest moment of the week.


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